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Ian Somerhalder Icons

And another entry loaded with goodies. All Ian Somerhalder this time...

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Jim Parsons Icons

Like I said: I'm back with some goodies. These are only TBBT and Jim Parsons. I hope you like 'em!

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You keep in mind that my sharply-worded comments on yelp.com recently took down a muffin storeCollapse )

Finally an update!

Hi all!

I'm back to fandom (something a fangirl at heart can't live without). I'm back to icon making and back to LJ.

I'm still a huge Supernatural fan and I recently got into The Big Bang Theory. I can't believe I haven't got into that sooner. But just like Supernatural.. Better late than never, right?! I find myself madly in love with Jim Parsons. I always knew nerds were sexy (that's why I married one) but he's my Nerd King! If anyone knows where I can find some good BBT slash, let me know!

Unfortunately no cons for me this year, but better luck next year. Can't wait to get back on the fangirly/geek wagon!

So that's basicly it for now, but I will be back soon and I will bring icons! Yay!

Oh, and I'm on Twitter, follow me.... http://twitter.com/MaureenLast

Oh no! A new obsession! Supernatural!

When does it stop?!

Okay, I'm so behind, 4 years behind to be exact. I finally (x100) discovered Supernatural. For the past month the hubby and I have been watching every night just to cath up, and we did. We watched Sympathy for the Devil a few days ago and now the waiting starts... I actrually love being behind on series because it means you don't have to wait for an entire week for the new ep. Oh well...

I needed the entire 1st season to decide if I'm a Dean girl or a Sam girl. I'm still not sure. I absolutely adore the character Dean, I also love Jensen. But Jared makes me all tingly inside, but when it comes to the character Sam, I think I prefer Dean... Do I make any sense? I think I'm a Dean girl with a crush on Jared Padalecki...

I was the one telling hubby to download Supernatural because I heard great things about it and a few of you on my flist are huge fans. Thank you for going on and on about it, made me curious! Now I can't stop thinking about having sex with Jared, reading slash and a combination of those 2.

Funny, I've seen each and every Gilmore Girls ep, Jared never got my attention... Weird!

Also, my twin obsession is totally over... I need a new mood theme!

I think it has been forever!

Weird, that is how this feels. This has to be my first post since a year and a half?

I have been reading all your entries, never forgot you, but just didn't feel like posting myself.

So many excuses... I was so tired of being a fangirl, had a daughter, couldn't find the time and just.. bleeegh!

But I'm back! Back to posting, back to icon making, back to being a fangirl, back to being me!

Still a huge Potter fan (but not so much into the twins anymore), my current obsession has to be Dominic Monaghan. Always liked him, always wanted him, but got obsessed after watching all seasons of Lost again.

I hope you all still want to be my friend, to Pet especially. I never stopped reading your posts. Made me laugh, made me concerned. I hope you are okay!

Back at LJ... I'm home!

And this is why...

Today, my dear friends, you will find out why I haven't posted anything about my vacation to the States, my wedding or anything else yet. I haven't been online for ages, I have been neglecting my dear online friends and I am sorry for that.

But I have a good reason. All I have been doing the past few weeks is working, and as soon as I came home from work I fell asleep on the couch (or in bed, or on a chair, or on the floor, on hubbies lap, etc...) This still ain't over, but I'm finally awake long enough to post something. Let me show you all the reason why I am sleeping this much..

Let me introduce you...Collapse )

This means that I won't be online much for the following weeks either, but they promised me I will feel more energetic soon. I hope you all understand now.. I didn't forget you lot and I still love you to bits!

Off to Vegas...

Dear friends,

I won't be online for the next 2 weeks since I'm off to Vegas! I will miss you and all your lovely comments! I love you all!


Phelps Anonymous Exclusive!

I can proudly announce that Phelps Anonymous is the 1st Phelps community that has exclusive Dragon Con pics up already! Keep your eye out for more since a lot of our members are there for the entire duration of the con!

Yay to us...
Lovingly stolen from twindowlicker:

Google the phrase "(Your name) looks like" and find the best ones from the first page of results. Don't forget to put it in quotes, otherwise it won't work.

Here's what came up for me:

* Maureen looks like she's 12!
* Maureen looks like a great option.
* Maureen looks like an illustration in a botanical book.
* Maureen looks like she's been crying.
* Maureen looks like a horny woman that only has one thing in mind: getting fucked!

Seriously, that last one cracked me up! Even Google knows what I'm all about... Yeah, baby!


6 Gordon Ramsay Icons

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